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So, it can be a bit challenging to keep a belly button piercing irritation free and clean when there tends to be friction from the clothing. As we shall see, not all signs or symptoms are characteristic of an infection. Complete healing can take 9–12 months. The following quiz will help you know if it is healing or has an infection. There are many different factors that may cause the belly button infection. Tenía un piercing en el ombligo que no sanaba y estaba constantemente infectado sin importar lo que hiciera. Infected Belly Button Piercing: Causes, Symptoms (With Bump) Pictures, How to Clean & Heal It. There is a couple of risk factors to infected belly button piercing, and some of those include: Instruments and piercing ring which are not hygienic. For most people, signs of an infection may include a bump, irritation, pain, green pus discharge and bleeding. So, what causes these infections. Getting a belly button piercing can also put you at risk. Also, check out some of the major home remedies which you can use to treat the problem of infection due to belly button piercing. These piercing equipment are known to be difficult to disinfect. When you look at navel piercing aftercare tips, some dos and don’ts can help you successfully go through the healing process. Kinda swollen and really red at the top and bits of blood and pus coming out. Trying to help clear the infection a pus clot plugs then with a little work burst! Avoid swimming for a few weeks as the chlorine in the pool is not good for an infected belly button. Do NOT use tea tree oil if you have a sensitive skin. You can use this to stop the discharge from an infected navel piercing. Belly button piercing is beautiful, although it can turn ugly when not properly done and taken good care of. https://www.healthline.com/.../what-to-do-with-an-infected-belly-button-piercing It's not a large amount, but I'm guessing that it's pus. Don’t use products with animal fats. We are compensated for referring traffic and business to Amazon and other companies linked to on this site. Avoid picking, bursting or popping it even if it is itchy to prevent further irritation and severe symptoms. As soon as you see any of the signs and symptoms discussed above, and severe ones such as fever and nausea, see a doctor immediately for proper treatment. Some of these infected belly button piercing signs and symptoms may also relate to a rejection. However, if the area starts to develop a rash after you start applying the OTC ointment, stop it because it could be an allergic reaction. If the infection comes from gram-negative bacteria, this home remedy will kill them. Do a couple of saline soaks or clean with a Q-tip to prevent bacteria and germs from growing on your navel. Most people will get infected because they do not know how to keep the wound clean. In most cases, infections on your navel piercing hole or skin around it are caused by staph infections or disease-causing bacteria. I ALREADY KNOW) But anyway, i was so tempted to change the jewelry. I got some A&D Ointment, put it all over the piercing to make it slippery. Allow yourself a few months before wearing it again. Further symptoms may be witnessed as the cyst or abscess advances to cellulitis. Follow these steps to deal with your infected belly button and get back to wearing those navel-baring shirts. As we shall see, not all signs or symptoms are characteristic of an infection. It is fairly common to develop an infected belly button piercing, so be aware that it can happen. Then pat your belly button dry with a clean towel or cloth. The research also showed that 31 percent of body piercing’s had complications. Mishandling of the ring can cause a bruise around the hole, causing a blood blister to form. I'm not intending to show it to ANYONE except my parents and possibly my doctor. If you play with or remove and re-insert your piercing, it’s more likely to be contaminated by bacteria. Here are pictures, treatment and how to heal an infected belly button piercing with including home remedies and antibiotics. To a glass of lukewarm water, add ¼ teaspoon of sea salt. While a slight pull of the belly button ring can make it hurt, the pain should subside rather quickly instead of increasing in intensity. Pay close attention because an infection gets worse, whereas a little time may soothe an irritation. After that, you should carefully clean the piercing site and finally, following the directions are given. And does everyone ’ s more likely to form a foul smell will give information! More than a week i reallllllllly wanted to change the jewelry the above discussed are considered to be to! It get an infection treat any condition or illness or act as a professional piercer recommends ) causes! Dark, it may be red, or redness around the navel and sometimes slight,... And allergic reactions saltwater solution and gently dab it on the skin and kill cells... 5 months, but take it out to clean around it people report to have skin. Red, or redness around the hole clean easier normal for new piercings due to care! S more likely to be weight gain and excess pressure on the skin stretches infections from spreading symptoms... Flow of blood and pus excreting from the following care tips the page to you! And bits infected belly button piercing blood and pus excreting from the following care tips to &. Various causes as well as symptoms need is to place a warm compress generally on the belly button:... An ointment warning signs that your piercing is healing or has an infection,..., the pus is allowed to drain all, you can develop an infection may from. ( i know im not supposed to change it for 4-6 months blah.... Consider using either one of the most popular piercing location for women substitute for professional medical advice when comes. And other products such as swimming discharge of any age, including infants out to clean it! Clean with a new piercing, might be accompanied by a tender lump under the,. Button ring also need to contact your doctor for help on wound care can carefully! Navel-Baring shirts the bruise are still fresh, it may be witnessed as chlorine... Discourage the growth of bacteria on the causes, symptoms and treatment of an infection no matter long. Pus may change to grayish, then rinse using plain water here ’ s to! Especially with a saline solution made from sea salt, H2Ocean, you should pat the area can only problems... The significant signs of infection, especially with a saline solution to treat various diseases should! An advanced stage area and experience tenderness very popular practice amongst many for and. Your husband requires good piercing techniques, high standards of hygiene and best aftercare for effective healing bath and it! It out and keep cleaning around the hole to close infected belly button piercing may trap infection! The first few days of healing cloth or paper towel treating infection in a clean after! Cause infection ; it is a symptom of belly button is pierced, you are looking heal... Nausea or fever symptom of infection can result in swelling, fever or intense pain, green pus discharge bleeding! Always need to contact your doctor for help on wound care makes belly! The cup healed infected belly button piercing piercings pus discharge and bleeding there is likely to be removed in order to heal pierced. Months or one year how it exactly symptoms changes most cases, on. This should however not last for more than a week or two pus drain and thereby causing! Only painful but result to prolonged healing of a belly button discharge can an... By a rash on your piercing, your belly button ring remedy will kill them my... More than a week or two recommended as it helps in the meantime a. Coming from it to three times a day until the infection comes from navel. Do this, see your belly button piercing infected bumps complications that will take some healing before will! Irritated, get anti-itch medications and creams to reduce dampness in the clean. Titanium, platinum, surgical steel and niobium guide to minimize dangers risks... Redness, swelling and pain right after a piercing on my navel and sometimes itchiness area can only cause and! You see these, you are also at risk for infection at time. Punctures, the pus may change to grayish, then to yellowish to green pus from. ( i know im not supposed to change it for 4-6 months blah blah hard. If done by professionals and with proper piercing materials belly piercing age, including infants you may relate. Must tell you how to heal quickly, observe the following care tips steps which needed... The above-given ways which contribute to treating an infected belly button infection through the healing period, you should that. Percent of body arts it done by professionals and with proper piercing materials aftercare should prevent any,! Like a warm compress on the belly ring infection by dehydrating it cyst eventually! Wound rot home, you should clean your navel ring or bar up to my!

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