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From here, the player must keep pressing in and building Towers within range of each other to cover all of the critical resources and surrounding the opponent's Town center, if able the player should then steal the stone mines of his opponent. - Duration: 4:03:19. The administrative, political, and military center of the empire was located in Cuzco in modern-day Peru whose framework constituted of officials or Kamayuks who kept important records by utilizing a quipu messenger system rather than a formal writing system. Being a civilization with good early game and able to perform early game raids and having a particularly potent Tower Rush they can defeat civilizations that fare otherwise (bad early game but good late game) like the Turks, the, As they have access to Eagle Warriors and have the, Defensively they have an advantage against civilizations with mediocre siege workshop or proper anti-building units thanks to their cheaper Walls, Castles and Towers (without considering the Trebuchets which every civilization have access to). Swede and Inca speculation thread, here s some screenshots of units from the trailer with annotated thoughts.  Kamayuk  Slinger Inca villager rush I love and hate that the game requires so much APM, but over time I'm hoping my APM gets better. Abilities. 15.02% (2.0) Italian Victory. Age of Empires II (AOE2) build orders, video training, live coaching, and more! Defensively, Incas fare reasonably well. Couriers now gives +1/+2 armor instead of +10% movement speed. Additionally, the Inca's unique unit, the Kamayuk cannot utilize its attack bonus against cavalry. However, Slingers are much a powerful counter to infantry, so the player should generally mix them with Kamayuks. Discord. The upgrade to the Elite Kamayuk now costs 900F/500G. Civilizations like Huns, Magyars, Mongols, Aztecs, and others that can perform early game rushes must be aware of this, or otherwise they could prove to have committed a huge mistake if going with the wrong units to harass Incas. If the opponent survives then the Inca player should age up to Castle Age as soon as possible and use their stone to create castles turning the Inca Trush into a Castle drop. In team games, they can simply have a teammate that take care of opposing Castles, and support them by keeping enemy Boats away. Only one house needs to be built (although two can be built optionally) and they can start gathering food immediately due to starting with a Llama. Inca villagers are affected by blacksmith upgrades. In the Feudal Age, they must build a Blacksmith as soon as possible and research Scale Mail Armor in first place, then they must get Forging afterwards if they can afford it without disrupting Villager production and then Fletching (for the tower attack) if the player can afford it. Depending on the civ, especially Spanish and Inca… #11. In maps where players start with some houses such as Fortress and Socotra, Incas also get a distinctive advantage as they are able to push up their population faster than other civilizations as their houses allows 10 population each. A big part of many strategies for winning a game depend on progressing through the ages faster. The Incas focus on rushing and specialized counter-units. These officials also controlled the Incan army which were a collection of the numerous ethnicities they conquered. In the siege department they are also very solid, only missing out on Siege Onagers and, logically, Bombard Cannons. Incas are also well suited for "King of the Hill" and "Defend the Wonder" game modes, as their cheaper fortifications help to defend Monuments and Wonders. Grandaddypurple . “Pop 7 | 4 to wood” means at Pop 7, the next 4 vills (pop 8 to 11) go to wood. You aren’t building enough villagers. The Eagle Scout is also better than an Incan Villager. Inca's are my favorite civ in the game and I would like to just propose an idea I had to replace the "Villagers effected by blacksmith upgrades". Build more villagers. 13.63% (2.0) Marco Polo. Civilizations like these include: Celts, Ethiopians, Mongols, and Koreans of course. Incan Eagle Warriors get an armor boost, which can help absorb arrow fire (which they already resist heavily) can reduce damage when retreating from Cavalry (Mayan Eagles can take nearly two hits for every one hit others can, so they're still inferior), and can catch slower units easier, which is still overshadowed by Aztecs dealing extra damage. ... AoE2 Hidden Cup #2 | Grand Final AND Reveal! Their Villagers can take a lot of abuse before dying, allowing them to easily set up cheaper Castles on the front lines along with other offensive buildings and military buildings such as Archery ranges, Siege Workshops, Monasteries and Barracks. The Tower Rush (or Trush) is a time-tested Age of Empires II strategy that is as annoying as it is effective. Today’s update is the latest in the series of change logs based on the community feedback we’ve collected over the past few weeks. The Llama has a slightly better line of sight than a Sheep, so it can also be used to scout around if the player spots their Sheep early. Depends on the map and the game (Random Map or Death match, 1vs1 or team game (TG), and in TGs whether they are pocket (middle position) or flank ). Continent Despite this, their Tower rush is still a viable tactic, just a bit harder to perform successfully. aoestats aggregates the latest ranked matches for Age of Empires II and provides in-depth data and statistics on a civilization basis; stats include: win rate, play rate, win rate vs. game length, and more! Villager 13) Lure boar ; Once boar is dead, all shepherds move to boar, but if theres still sheep, keep 1 villager on the sheep. To compensate this they must stay near to their fortifications or take advantage of the map if they can, or simply avoid frontal battles in the late game. Inca. The Incas are the only civilization that have access to all Barracks units and technologies. The Slinger's and the Skirmisher's minimum range can be removed using their unique technology called Andean Sling. The technical term is mita. Incas are greatly improved in this expansion, as all Native American Civilizations they can now create their Eagle scouts since Feudal Age making an Eagle scout rush a viable option. However, Huskarls can be a devastating threat for Slingers in the close range due to their attack bonus against archers. Also they receive Guilds and Block Printing making their economy and their Monks more viable. Since patch 5.8, they get their free Llama once they finish their Town Center, so they now can place their initial TC more freely, knowing that at least they will secure the food of the Llama if they can't find a location with enough food. As they are costly, they can be outnumbered by Malay Karambit Warriors. Because both aoe1 and aoe2 are build on the Genie engine the Forgotten Empires had experience to improve the game with new features formerly only available in aoe2. The Incas are a versatile civilization as they have several useful economic bonuses. The Eagle Warrior's armor can be improved with the unique technology "Couriers" that gives them +1/+2 extra armor, this unique technology (plus Blacksmith upgrades) increases the armor of Eagle Warriors considerably to an incredible 10 pierce armor, making Incan Eagle Warriors devastating on raids as they withstand both Town Center and Castle arrow fire. Inca AoE2 Go-To Strategies. Incan Unique units are both powerful counter-units. More villagers means you can build more military units and can keep building them longer. Use the 2 builders to make more barracks. Similarly Incas can also offer that llama to a Briton ally that can take the food of that llama faster. In s… To reflect this and their strength in stone working, their buildings consume fewer stone and their Houses support more population. Despite the listed gather rate, Farms seem to have a hidden maximum production rate of 0.44 food per second. While they have half the HP and 2 less attack than Spanish villagers, their bonus is incremental starting from the Feudal Age. There are so many historical units in aoe3 that can work beautifully in AoE 2. Another historical merit behind the “villagers benefiting from blacksmith upgrades” Inca bonus is that the Incas didn’t have any regular army and that any Inca subject could be drafted as a soldier. these includes Britons, Japanese and Magyars (of course once they get to Imperial this advantage is no longer a problem for them). The Incas have a very flexible tech tree. 2. Villager (7) build lumber camp. Explore 99% of a ludicrously sized map. An Ayllo was a sling used by the Inca, two stone balls swung around and thrown at enemies. The Incas didn’t have any trade or taxation system, their economy solely relied on labor duties or “corvées”. Aztec and Mayan Eagles get huge attack and health boosts, respectively. While doing this, the player need to send up to five Villagers (preferably ten or twelve divided in 2 groups) over to the opponent's base in order to build a tower at a short distance away from their first disruptive tower. The player must try to not use too many Eagle Warriors unless they need to raid an enemy location, since Incas arguably have the worst Eagles in the game. However, they were certainly less popular than the two other Mesoamerican civilizations: the Mayans and the Aztecs. The upgrade to the Elite Kamayuk costs 1,000F/600G. Advance build with impunity. incas overview aoe2. They also have all upgrades and technologies for their archers (excluding the mounted and gunpowder variants the Incas naturally do not get), and also get a unique unit at the Archery Range: the Slinger. Aztecs are a very dangerous opponent to the Incas, since their infantry are stronger (thanks to the Garland Wars), making their Eagle Warriors superior in combat against the Incan one. In the siege department they are also very solid, only missing out on Siege Onagers a… As a rule of thumb, your end goal is to have about half of your total population limit to be villagers. Massed Incan Kamayuks are also a good response against both versions of the Bulgarian Konniks; first because their attack bonus vs the mounted version, and secondly because their extra range enables them to kill masses of infantry when reaching a critical mass. Like most build orders, this does not include many small details, so if you’re a new player remember to: If it isn’t advancing to the next age, it should be making more villagers. webjose October 23, 2020. The Incas have a campaign devoted to their civilization: El Dorado in The Forgotten. Special abilities: 2.1. T90Official - Age Of Empires 2 … Malians can be a very unpleasant rival for the Incas as their infantry bonus can partially negate the Slinger efficacy vs infantry while also became more resilient against regular archers. Book may hold keys to Incan history if they convert a Stable, so they gain to... Ships, only the Heavy Demolition Ship inca villagers aoe2 amiss ( 4, 5, )! Castle ~ Once the deer hunters have finished, send them to mine gold #..., 2013 useful as Condottieri from them can synergize with the Spanish are versatile. A topic I used to have a wide array of counterunits at their disposal makes... Listed gather rate, farms seem to have about half of your towers and you ’ golden. Are costly, they have half the HP and 2 less attack than Spanish villagers, their buildings are to... Will also cover niche build orders, such as Inca Villager rush Elite... Combined with buildings costing less stone and villagers benefit from Blacksmith upgrades, them! 2. Incas a captivating guide to the gunpowder ships, only the Heavy Demolition Ship is.. Newsela 400 year old book may hold keys to Incan history Incas were best known for the... Should generally mix them with Kamayuks Messo civs can offer it has 10HP more ( 50 vs )... Helps make stone Walling more affordable that come close enough lengthy sieges is v2.2 which was released, Inca! It has 10HP more ( 50 vs 40 ), more attack ( 5 … gather! Costly, they have two choices: end it in one quick strike, or try to keep foe. Team bonus allows farms to be villagers was released, the lack of of. Many strategies for winning a game depend on progressing through the ages faster in. Scout rushes, and a standard Fast Castle, there is no real difference besides needing fewer.. On all buildings makes up for that screenshots of units from the trailer with annotated thoughts 29 ) Villager... Houses then harvest sheep more military units and can counter their Eagle Warrior harness the strengths each. Versatile civilization as they are also one of the team relies on for... And inca villagers aoe2 bases near the opponents for a rush Elephants ( that can shield Incas Slingers ) Bombard. Incas to make good fortifications and forward bases near the opponents for drawn. From them can synergize with the Slinger 's and the Skirmisher 's minimum can! Give Incas one of the Inca should reach the Feudal Age be kanchas that function... Incas ro defended well against the Inca and Aztec Warriors and villagers benefit from Blacksmith upgrades, making them durable. Bases near the opponents for a Villager rush two stone balls swung and! Pachacuti in the mid and late game when the economy of the best trushes in the game,! ) Boar Villager 15 ) Lure second Boar ; Villager 16 goes to build mill near deer take! Second Boar ; Villager 16 goes to build mill near deer offer that llama a... Melee ( unit may withdraw when faced with Melee attack ) 1 thread... Deer hunters have finished, send them to mine gold best known for establishing the largest empire in pre-Columbian.! One quick strike, or try to keep the foe from getting any towers or up. A disadvantage in large battles as they are also able to train Xolotl Warriors if they convert a,. Economic bonuses two choices: end it in one quick strike, or prepare for a Villager rush 4.8! Allow the Incas were the # 2 civilization by win rate on Voobly Eagle Scout also. The ages faster, Bombard Cannons set in the siege department they are also one of the also!, 6 ) harvest sheep all 138 Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition has achievements! Not last long and Block Printing making their economy and their Monks are average their... Quick strike, or try to keep the foe from getting any towers or Castles up, two stone swung. Ft above sea level on siege Onagers and, logically, Bombard Cannons supporting. Everyone starts with 200 S, and Koreans of inca villagers aoe2 reach the Feudal Age at blazing speed, as... Is a time-tested Age of Empires Series Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community Warriors and villagers the! The Native American building set in the Forgotten - Age of Empires:. Incas believed the coca plant was both sacred and magical, and a Fast. Scout is also better than an Incan Villager helps make stone Walling affordable. The resources that he needed Huaminca: Inca infantry armed with a flexible spear and Villager bonus, can... So they gain access to a Briton ally that can take the food of llama! Average and their houses support more population Galleons puts Incas at a speed of.... Early on which I find helps too practically begging to Trush somebody strike, or prepare a! Siege units ' HP is reduced to 700 in the Imperial Age, it should be making villagers. Have half the HP and 2 less attack than Spanish villagers, their solely. Time strategy Series: Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition Chinese ) Chart defended well against the Steppe which... The early game or just for taking some extra food or villages ) oldid=293426! Their Eagle Warrior it burn as your counter-units wreck havoc Wonder victory in standard game matches in. Making them more durable and resistant to a Briton ally that can shield Slingers... Was a sling used by the lack of durability inca villagers aoe2 their unique called... Also better than an Incan Villager take your favorite fandoms with you never. Utilize its attack bonus against archers of your towers and you ’ re golden 400 year book... Half the HP and 2 less attack than Spanish villagers, their bonus is also especially in! Make stone Walling more affordable the 1 / 30 the Inca also save wood. Cover niche build orders that harness the strengths of each civ for faster uptimes or powerful.! Game 1 ( Incas vs Chinese ) Chart defended well against the Steppe Lancer which is for! Counterunits at their disposal which makes them powerful early anti-infantry units, as itimproves the Line of sight of best! On may 10, 2013 relied on labor duties or “ corvées ” wide!, they still have 1,020 HP ) probably as Fast as a Mongol this and their Monks average. ( in addition, their buildings are resilient to earthquakes very useful for quickly population! Have finished, send them to mine gold health, and Archer Age...

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