cicero philippics 2 translation

But whoever heard (and there was no man about whose safety more people were anxious) that any part whatever of Varro’s property had been confiscated? In § 105, he adds sexual debauchery to the portfolio of sins. In republican Rome, founding a new colony was a complex political act that followed a detailed political and religious script.61In Rome itself, this included a senatorial decree, the passing of a law by a legislative assembly, the election of colonial commissioners, the enlistment of the colonists, and the official departure to the settlement location (deductio). sic opinor; a principio ordiamur. But I rejoiced at it. His apprehension was justified: no-one knew at the time whether Caesar was the only target of the conspirators. For why should I put myself in the way of your audacity? And then his houses and gardens! Although, how is he the master at all? What can be said strong enough for such enormous impudence? Can any one then fear a man who was as timid as this man in upholding his party, that is, in upholding his own fortunes? By what evidence could you convict me? It is a challenging pick, not least since Cicero serves up a smorgasbord of topics in his invective assault on Antony: he finds occasion to weigh in on modes of fornication, electoral procedures, Rome’s civic religion, political incidents and developments … But you did not do so, nor, if you had wished it, would Caius Curio have ever suffered you to do so. For who ever, who was even but slightly acquainted with the habits of polite men, produced in an assembly and openly read letters which had been sent to him by a friend, just because some quarrel had arisen between them? illud tamen audaciae tuae quod sedisti in quattuordecim ordinibus, cum esset lege Roscia decoctoribus certus locus constitutus, quamvis quis fortunae vitio, non suo decoxisset. He restored Licinius Lenticula, a man who had been condemned for gambling, and who was a fellow-gamester of his own. what was the first of June that you waited for? And their action is not only of itself a glorious and godlike exploit, but it is also one put forth for our imitation; especially since by it they have acquired such glory as appears hardly to be bounded by heaven itself. Is it not then better to perish a thousand times than to be unable to live in one’s own city without a guard of armed men? And from thence getting into a gig and being driven rapidly to the city, he came to his own house with his head veiled. It would have been the part of a fool to hope to do so, and of an impudent man to advise it. What exactly happened — and why — is difficult to establish with certainty — not least since it is tied up with the significance of a rather strange religious rite, the Lupercalia, which has been the subject of much scholarly controversy. Either, O Antonius, that cause ought never to have been undertaken, or when you had undertaken it, it should have been maintained to the end. And this makes me wonder why you should say that Milo did that deed at my instigation; when I never once exhorted you to do it, who of your own accord attempted to do me the same service. You have assigned, O Antonius, two thousand acres of land, in the Leontine district, to Sextus Clodius, the rhetorician, and those, too, exempt from every kind of tax, for the sake of putting the Roman people to such a vast expense that you might learn to be a fool. 710, B.C. In the years 49–44 BCE a large number of laws were passed (proposed by different magistrates who of course did so with the dictator’s approval... One of the most hotly contested issues after the Ides of March was Caesar’s ‘ontological status’: was he a dead mortal or had he become divine? <

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