Owlet Recipient Testimonials


Hello! My name is Kristina Limone and I am the grateful recipient of a very generous gift from Lincoln’s Angels. My sister was kind enough to apply for the Owlet sock for my daughter, Eve, after I expressed a lot of anxiety about her health and safety while she sleeps. After my first pregnancy ended in miscarriage, I became even more neurotic about the health and safety of my family. Being blessed with a healthy pregnancy and delivering my daughter was the best and scariest thing that has happened to me. As I’m sure you understand, it means the world to me to be able to track her health and ease my mind. The gratitude my family and I have for your generous gift to us is unexplainable. What you do to ensure families minds are at ease is indescribable. Thank you so much for choosing us and thank you for all you do.Best,Kristina, Frank, and Eve Limone 



On the morning of April 13, I woke up to my bedsheets soaked in blood. My husband and I ran to L&D where they confirmed I had a partial placental abruption. A steroid shot and the start of a magnesium drip later, they were prepping me to be transferred to another hospital that was more equipped to deliver such a young baby (29 weeks). My husband ran back home to pack some bags while the ambulance took me to the hospital which was an hour away from where we live. I stayed at the hospital for 8 days bleeding off and on. On the morning of April 21, I woke up and started having very heavy bleeding. The docs came in and said it was time to get the baby out via emergency csection. They had a very hard time getting Dekker out due to how small he was and the way my placenta was positioned, they had to do a lot of pushing and shoving (which is why he came out so bruised). When he finally came out, he was not breathing and had lost a lot of blood (ended up having a full placental abruption). His heart rate became very weak so they ended up doing CPR on him until they were able to intubate him. Once they got him stable, they had to do give him several blood transfusions. But within a few hours, he was able to ditch his ventilator and move into a CPAP machine. He has now been in the NICU for 5 weeks and is completely off oxygen, is starting to take oral feedings, has only had to have one more blood transfusion and is doing remarkably well! He continues to have Brady spells, some worse than others, so knowing that we have an owlet waiting at home for when he does get to come home is a huge anxiety reliever for me! Thank you! 


My Name is Brandi Jo Flemings and I am a mother to an angel. My son Angelo passed away at the age of 2 months 6 days old on Dec 10th 2015. He had gone to the sitters and passed away during his nap. This is the hardest journey I’ve ever been on in my life. Losing a child is the worst pain you can ever feel. After my loss I got pregnant but it all came to an end on Nov 10th 2016 when I was told I was having an ectopic pregnancy. Although it was very early it still was a hard loss. My already broken heart shattered into a million pieces. Feeling like I was never going to be able to be a mom in person I became pregnant again. I thought could this really be it. 6 weeks 4 days later my world came crashing down as on April 2nd 2018 I had a miscarriage. Feeling like I had nothing left. Like the biggest loser. Like god hated me and didn’t want me to have children (which I knew wasn’t true). My husband and I decided that maybe we needed a little help. We went to CNY fertility to have my ovarian tubes checked in September 2018. All clear. Planned an IUI but was told to try on our own for the coming month because sometimes it’s just happens for people that way. And sure enough it did!! And with the help of CNY and a plan they set up for me they helped keep me pregnant. I came across a friends post on Facebook about Lincoln’s Angels Inc. I had heard the story of Lincoln’s loss and it broke my heart. I liked and joined the page. I wanted to reach out to Lincoln’s mom and share my story with her. Our stories had so much of the same similarities to them. One day on Dec 11th 2018 I knew it was time. I shared my story and felt like our angels brought us together. She told me about Lincoln’s Angels Inc and that they were giving three owlet socks away. I applied for a chance to win one and was so grateful when I received a letter from Jessica in the mail from Lincoln’s Angels inc that stated I was picked to receive an owlet sock. It meant the world to me and my husband. I cried so hard that day. Knowing I would have peace of mind when my new little man to come goes down for naps and bedtime. Yes Angelo is getting a baby brother due June 4th 2019. With this pregnancy comes many emotions and worries. When all you know and understand is loss. The fear you have in unreal. That’s why being picked was like a miracle for me really. To have that peace of mind and the idea of not having that extra financial payment. As we all know babies are expensive (totally worth every penny) so it’s so nice when you can receive help. But what is also nice is being able to be apart of something so beautiful. Being apart of a mother’s love for her son. Being able to help Jessica in her journey. To keep her son’s memory alive. I know that feeling as my husband and I do as much as we can to celebrate Angelo’s memory. We plan on always paying it forward and supporting and helping Lincoln’s Angels Inc as much as we can in the future. What they are doing is a true blessing and they will help a lot of future mommy’s out. Lincoln’s Angels Inc. truly will help change our lives because of their kindness. We are forever thankful. Sincerely Brandi Flemings 💙 


I, sadly, had my world turned upside down and heart forever shattered on Thursday, May 17, 2007, when my 5 week and 3 day old son, Liam, passed away of SIDS.  There are no words to adequately describe the feeling that remains in you when you lose a child. It’s one that remains, as I’ve learned, day in and day out for years upon years. We had our son, Lev, over 7 years after Liam had passed away and we found comfort in having a Snuza monitor.  However, when Lev would roll or move certain ways, it would remove the censor from his skin and send a panic through us as the alarm sounded. This happened more frequently than not, causing extreme stress and anxiety in addition to the fears and anxiety we already had after losing Liam so unexpectedly.
We heard about a local family, who had lost their previous little boy, Lincoln, just as we had Liam. Our hearts broke for Lincoln’s parents and we followed Lincoln’s story. We were so happy to see that out of Lincoln’s passing, Lincoln’s Angels had been started. What a beautiful way to transform tragedy into something positive!
I found out in the fall of 2018 that I was pregnant with the baby that will be the final addition to our family. This time, a baby girl (after 3 boys!)! I was shocked and absolutely delighted when I received a letter in the mail saying that a good friend of mine had applied on my behalf for an Owlet monitor for this baby, through Lincoln’s Angels and that we would be receiving one to help give us that peace of mind when our sweet girl makes her arrival this summer.
Words can’t express how much this means to not only myself and my husband, Adrian, but also to our son, Jayden, who remembers the death of his brother Liam, and was present the morning of Liam’s passing. His world was torn apart that day as well, and he shares in the anxieties that come after an experience like that. To sum it up in one word, I would say that the word to describe what we feel for this gift from Lincoln’s Angels is: GRATEFUL.


“After trying so long to have a baby…”


I had seen Lincoln’s Angels pop up on my newsfeed when a friend of mine shared their story. My heart instantly melted after reading the post about what their organization was about. A member of my family had lost their baby due to SIDS. That’s a hard loss to go through for any parent. I followed the page. I wanted stay posted about anything going on so that I could possibly help, because it’s close to where I live. In the end Lincoln’s Angels helped me.
When I found out I was pregnant it was a big surprise. We were nothing but excited to finally, after trying for so long to have a baby. When I was about 7 months I decided to apply for the smart sock through Lincoln’s Angels. My husband is the only income, and we barely make it by sometimes but we keep pushing. I thought the worst that could happen is my app wouldn’t be accepted. I know if it wasn’t me it would of been someone else who could really use it, and that would be just as much of a blessing.
I wasn’t expecting a letter back so fast. My husband brought up a big yellow envelope, and I was confused because I want expecting anything that day. When I took the letter out I instantly broke into tears, because my application had been accepted. I received a letter, business card, and 2 refrigerator magnets. That are currently on my fridge, and I keep the business card on me. My husband was like why are you crying, and I told him. He didn’t know what to say besides that’s amazing honey, and smiled. Receiving this gift is something that not only will bring us peace of mind at anytime we aren’t with him, but a reminder that someone out there cares to do something so amazing for someone else.
I thank this organization for helping families like us, and families that have suffered loss have that comfort. It means more than words can describe. Thank you Lincoln’s Angels, thank you Jessica you are a strong woman, and I admire you for all that you do. Your story will never be forgotten, and everyday I look at my smart sock I will know the incredible gift you have given to my family. With much love and gratitude,
Elizabeth Beadle



“Without your organization, without your mission on Lincoln’s behalf, things could have been so different.”

I feel obligated to not only share my story, but also to tell you how incredibly grateful that I am for your organization.

My daughter received her owlet, in Lincoln’s memory, just this last week. She has mild sleep apnea and I have spent the last few months between sleeping on the couch with a basinette pulled close, or on a floor mattress by her crib just to be close to her in case something happens. She has had several episodes since birth, but luckily none severe until now.

On Tuesday, September 17th, Kynleighs owlet alarm started going off. I was still awake as it was only 10:30 p.m. I rushed to her side and she was having trouble breathing. I called 911 and an ambulance was here within minutes. In the scariest moments of my life all I could do was pray for my daughter and think about Lincoln’s Angels. Without your organization, without your mission on Lincoln’s behalf, things could have been so different. Kynleigh is still in the hospital, she is under a 72 hour monitoring session. She has a slight upper respiratory infection that had no symptoms, but was present enough to effect her condition.

With that being said, I will never be able to repay you for what you’re doing. You turned your worst tragedy into a mission to help families who have also experienced loss. Grateful and thankful are some of the many words that come to my head, but nothing seems like enough. I am holding my daughters hand right now and I truly believe that is only possible because you make a difference.

The timing in receiving the Owlet Monitor was absolutely incredible, within days it managed to impact our lives. It is so important that you continue your journey. And I will help you in any way that I can.


“Every time I put it on my baby boy, I think about Lincoln.”

My name is, Krista Frazier, and I have known Lincoln’s mom since high school. Jess and I were in touch throughout her journey as she battled infertility. The joy I felt for her when she announced her pregnancy was indescribable. I know that same feeling. After fighting so hard to get pregnant, that moment you hear that you finally are, is the best feeling in the entire world.

Over five years ago, I was diagnosed with severe endometriosis after enduring a painful, laparoscopic surgery. The diagnosis led my husband and me to decide on trying intense fertility treatments over several years. After many rounds of IVF, I am very fortunate and grateful to say that I have three, healthy boys.

After a traumatic delivery with my first son, which landed me in intensive care, because doctors thought I suffered from an amniotic fluid embolism, I developed severe prenatal and postpartum anxiety when pregnant with my second son.

I was worried I would develop anxiety again when I found out I was pregnant with my third. When we received an owlet for our third baby, this past May, 2019, I was so grateful and relieved. Every time I put it on my baby boy, I think about Lincoln. I can’t imagine losing a child. I can’t imagine the never ending pain a parent has to endure. I am so appreciative that Jess has helped so many families, including mine.

The owlet has completely changed the way I sleep after giving birth to my third baby boy. Because of the owlet, I don’t suffer from severe insomnia like I did after giving birth to my second child. I am so incredibly grateful for Lincoln’s Angels. The Owlet has truly changed my life.

Thank you from all of us!

Krista, Justin, Johnny, William, and Matthew


“I truly feel that everyone who has a baby should have an OWLET”……………

The peace of mind that the owlet has given me is something I can’t ever forget!  Thanks to Lincoln’s Angels I was given an owlet in Arizona 🌵.  I truly feel everyone who has a baby should have an owlet.  No parent should have to suffer a loss of their child.  I would not have been able to afford an owlet, and because Lincoln’s Angles are truly angels looking out for other babies, they deserve so many donations for what they are doing.  It is extremely sad that Lincoln’s family had to go through what they have gone through.  But it amazes me that through all the sadness his mom started something to help other parents, you are so strong.  What an incredible thing is being done and my wish is that more people would donate to Lincoln’s Angels because it is worth every single penny not to lose any more precious babies.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart and God bless Lincoln’s family.

Tanya and family


“This OWLET saved my son’s life and it is all because of this foundation”………..

I wanted to write to you and thank you again for the owlets for my twins. Sadly they came at 31 weeks and were in the NICU for 58 days. They had several surgeries and issues that are being monitored. Thanks to this foundation we were able to have the owlets at home and has made me feel at ease knowing that we have the ability to monitor them while sleeping. On Thanksgiving Eve my son had his on and the low oxygen alert went off and I ran to him and he was blue.. this owlet saved my son’s life and it’s all because this foundation.